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Baytown Embroidery, Screen Printing and Promotional Items

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K&S sportswear has been a family owned and operated business, bringing personalized items and material advertising to the Baytown area since 1995.

Check out the services we provide below and what we can do for you, your team, your business, or even your school.

Our work is a Baytown stable and sure to make you stand out!

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If you have a plan to promote your business or say thank you to loyal customers, branded apparel or gifts can make a statement. Baytown organizations and individuals appreciate quality workmanship. At K&S Sportswear, we are passionate about delivering products that represent your vision or message.


Embroidery is one of our most popular options for superior branding. When you choose K&S Sportswear, our team comes together to help you achieve the goals you have set for the project.

Each piece of apparel is completed following your design specifications to ensure uniformity. When K&S Sportswear is part of your marketing or promotional campaign, we take our responsibility seriously. The quality of work our artisans produce is of the highest standard.

Screen Printing

Excellent results can be achieved with screen printing. This process is suitable for most types of materials. We source from industry leaders to ensure that the costs are in line with your budget. Quality is never compromised due to the reputation K&S Sportswear has established with our suppliers.

Large-volume orders are ideally suited to screen printing. We can mass produce apparel for our Baytown customers to meet any demand. If you want promotional T-shirts, hats or tote bags that act as a long-lasting promotion, screen-printed products will not disappoint.

Promotional Items

The promotional items you include in a marketing campaign can increase the engagement you’re your products or services. These items should reflect the quality your company or organization delivers. Speak to K&S Sportswear to learn about the range of branded items we can provide in Baytown.

Are you promoting a new logo, product, service or sports team? Your brand or message is in the best hands possible when K&S Sportswear is involved in the project. Reach out to our team for more information today.