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Embroidery, Screen Printing and Promotional Items

Humble Livestock Show Screen Print

Screen Print:

K&S Sportswear LLC has been in the screen print business since 1995.  What sets us apart is how each job is handled – you work with one of us directly from start to finish! Starting with the customer’s artwork, be it camera ready or a pencil drawing on a piece of paper, we work with each customer to make sure the artwork is right, with the right colors before any garment is printed. We provide an artwork proof via email for review, edits if necessary, and approval of our customers before their order is put into production. Every job is custom as screen print pricing is based on quantity ordered, the color of t-shirt, the material of t-shirt, number of colors of print, and number of locations of print. Contact us today for all your screen print needs!

“These guys are great! Our shirts are great quality. They don’t pill and the logo stays in great shape.”

Beth G.

Kingwood Fallen Heroes Embroidery


Embroidery is a nice, clean way to have your logo show up on a quality polo shirt or hat. Part of the embroidery process is setting up your logo for embroidery which is called digitizing. We offer digitizing services for a onetime charge and you will receive a sew-out proof to review & approve before your items are put into production. Branding apparel items with your logo is one of the best ways to advertise your business!

“Friendly and super helpful! Great quality shirts – even when creating Shirts for Harvey Humble ISD!”

Heather Bea G.

Promotional Items

Promotional Items:

Promotional items are anything that you could possibly think of to put your logo on.  From coffee cups, umbrellas, rulers, golf balls to yoga mats, key chains, pens, and tote bags – we can get it all! Promotional items or as some call them “giveaways” or “leave behinds” are vital to a company’s recognition and presence. We know there are several promotional item companies out there but K&S Sportswear continues to offer a varied selection of quality products with the imprint you want in a timely manner!

Screen Print VS Embroidery

So, which is best: embroidery or screen printing? It ultimately depends on several factors that you will have to decide, such as the type of product and its purpose. Here are some of the main considerations you should think about before deciding whether to embroider or screen print your promotional items

Whether embroidery or screen printing will cost more is, of course, an important question as you consider options to fit into your project’s budget. The answer is not entirely straightforward, as there are several different factors that can affect the cost of creating your promotional apparel. Here are some factors that can affect project price:


  •   Type and quality of apparel chosen
  •   The complexity of the logo design
  •   The quantity of items ordered
  •   Amount and type of colors incorporated into the logo
  •   Size and placement of the logo

Generally speaking, embroidery imprinting is less expensive than screen printing when the logo is pocket-sized, especially for smaller orders of fewer than 100 items. Embroidery is also more cost-effective when a logo has several colors since the set-up fee for embroidered logos is usually a flat fee that won’t vary no matter how many colors are used. On the other hand, the screen printing set-up fee will vary based on how many colors are used, since a separate mesh screen is needed for each color. Another factor is that if you’ve chosen a colored base item (shirt, hat, etc.), then a base print will be needed for screen printing. This is basically an undercoat, to make sure your logo will show up properly on the base item rather than blending into the base color. To put it simply, set-up costs are typically cheaper for embroidery. However, there are some exceptions. For example, larger logos can require tens of thousands of stitches, more machine use, and more thread—meaning more cost for embroidery. If you want a large logo on your item, then screen printing will be less expensive. Also, if you’re ordering a large number of items, then the printing cost will matter more than the set-up cost. So for a large order, screen printing may end up costing less in the long run. One last factor to consider is whether or not you expect to make future, repeat orders for the same items. If so, ask your imprinting company if they offer discounts for repeat set-ups for either embroidery or screen printing jobs.

All of our logo applications will be durable for years to come; however, they are made to stand up to different types of wear and tear. Think about the main purpose of the item you’re applying a logo too. T-shirts for school students or a charitable fun-run, for example, will need to withstand sweat, dirt, and multiple washes. They also need to be light, loose, and flexible for exercise and all-day wear. Screen printing is perfect for these needs, as it is lighter and more bendable than embroidery. Workplace business shirts, on the other hand, will probably need less stringent and frequent washing, but will need to hold up over time and keep a crisp, clean, professional look. Embroidery is best for this, as screen printing can sometimes fade over time and take on a more worn, casual look. Embroidery will last better with dry cleaning, which will fit perfectly with your more formal business wear.
Type of Item
Costs aside, another important factor to consider is whether embroidery or screen printing will give you a better result. Again, the answer is complex, since it depends on the result you want. Here are a few of the most popular types of items ordered, and our recommendations for each:


  •   Business shirts: embroidery. For button-up shirts, usually a more formal look is desired. Embroidery creates this high-quality effect and will stay pristine for years to come.
  •   Polo shirts: Embroidery. Similar to business shirts, usually collared polo shirts are wanted for workplace environments, so embroidered logos help a polo look more formal for that setting. An exception would be if a very large logo is needed (on the back of the shirt, for example)—in this case, screen printing is preferred.
  •   T-shirts: Screenprinting. Screen printing is a more casual look, which fits T-shirts best. Embroidery can also feel too heavy on t-shirts, and sometimes causes puckering around the logo when applied to the lighter t-shirt fabric.
  •   Jerseys: Screenprinting. To be light enough for sports use, and to stand up to multiple stains and washes, screen printing is the way to go.
  •   Jackets: Embroidery. The heavier material of jackets makes them perfect for embroidered logos (think high school letter jackets).
  •   Hoodies: Screenprinting. Hoodies usually have a more casual look and feel, which makes screen printing a better fit for them.

·   Caps: Embroidery. Logos will show up much better and have a longer lifespan on baseball caps and other headwear than screen printing would.