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Pasadena Embroidery, Screen Printing and Promotional Items

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K&S sportswear has been a family owned and operated business, bringing personalized items and material advertising to the Pasadena area since 1995.

Check out the services we provide below and what we can do for you, your team, your business, or even your school.

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There is value in promoting your products and services with embroidered or screen-printed apparel. This form of advertising travels well, positioning your brand where potential customers or patrons will get the message.

Logos are an essential part of any brand. At K&S Sportswear, we provide a full service, including advice and guidance on creating effective logos. If you are launching a marketing campaign, reach out to K&S Sportswear for all your branded apparel and promotional items.


Creating embroidered apparel that is effective as a promotional tool is an art. The K&S Sportswear team is trained and equipped to help you achieve business or personal goals. Achieving maximum outreach is possible with our specialist services.

Superior quality apparel makes all the difference when attempting to create lasting connections with customers, visitors or recruiting new members to a sports team. Embroidery is a process that relies on high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to have a significant impact.

Screen Printing

How can screen printing help your business? Reach is one of the major benefits of screen-printed apparel. Your logo is strategically placed on T-shirts, tote bags and other suitable items to place a product, service or message where it gets the most favorable exposure.

K&S Sportswear is focused on continuing to ensure that our customers in Pasadena benefit from extended savings. We also practice what we preach with promotional offers that are available to new and existing customers.

Promotional Items

Not all promotional items are created equal. Mugs, pens or key rings with faded messages do nothing to promote a brand or message. When you trust your promotional items to K&S Sportswear, we aim to ensure they are long-lasting and created using high-quality materials.

To help us better understand your needs, reach out to K&S Sportswear in Texas today for services in Pasadena.