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Branded promotional products aren’t only for big companies. They can help make your charity and next event stand out, help spread the word about it and help you make a positive impression on your guests. But how do you choose the items you need to be branded? There are many to choose from, including pens and notepads, shirts, backpacks and more. Let’s break it down.

Choose Useful Items

Branded promotional items are only helpful advertising for your charity or the event if used, and more people see them. Many high-tech business executives won’t need a notepad and pen since they do everything through computers, tablets and phones. However, that same notepad and pen could be the perfect promotional item for those in the hospitality industry or who offer retail products. Most charitable organizations are working with a set advertising budget, so you want to put it to good use with branded promotional gear that will spread the word.

Target the Right Generation

We have so many generations to consider when it comes to marketing. Each is unique, from Generation Xers who came after the Baby Boomers to the ever-present Millennials now coming into their prime and now Gens Y and Z. It could be how they take their coffee to their more significant views of the world as a whole. This will change how you choose the items you brand for your charity and events. For example, Millennials are very focused on the environment and making our daily lives more eco-friendly. Choosing useful and reusable items when targeting that generation helps ensure your organization is seen in a more positive light. What generation is your charitable organization likely to target?

Support Your Community

Those who support your organization and your charity events are also likely to help others in your community. They probably shop local, attend other events and know their neighbors well. When you support those in your neighborhood, they can see that you do more than just ask for support from others; you also give it. There are many ways you can support your local community, from where you choose to hold your events to teaming up with other organizations.

Where you shop is just as crucial as the branded promotional materials you choose to use, especially when advertising that you support your local community. When you have decided to spread the word about your organization and its efforts, call K&S Sportswear. We serve Houston, the surrounding area and all of Texas. This is our home, too, and we’d love to be a part of our community and your charitable event with prompt service and high-quality products. Call us today!

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