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Celebrating 25 Years

My parents, Steve and Katy Weirich started K&S Sportswear back in 1995. For years, they managed all of the business’ operations from their home. Although a great start, the company eventually outgrew their home-based office.

They were quickly in need of more staff and more space to fulfill their vision of making our services more easily accessible to the community. With myself transitioning from a career in Human Resources at another company to Manager of K&S Sportswear, we were able to open a storefront location in Atascocita, back in 2015.

These exciting milestones helped to build the brand and services of K&S into the successful organization it is now.

It’s been 25 years since my parents started our company, and we still maintain healthy growth each year with the help of an amazing team and loyal customers.

How Our Business Has Evolved Over the Years

In the beginning, we started by simply passing out business cards and asking the community to
give us a chance. Thankfully, they were very receptive to what we had to offer.K&S Sportswear team.

Since then, our company thrives on referrals and word of mouth – which remains one of the
most effective ways to sustain repeat business and new customer opportunities.

Opening our storefront location has been our most significant move thus far, having a physical
Location within the community has made a considerable impact on our growth.

In addition to that growth, the last 25 years have brought along many other impactful changes
as well. Advances in printing methods and production techniques have allowed us to expand
our service offerings with the most efficient and high-quality screen printing and embroidery

We also now offer a wide variety of promotional products and even recently took on in-house
design to add value and convenience for our customers. Over the years, we have truly become
a full-service shop, supporting our customers from the beginning to the end of their order.

As a company, we have also enjoyed becoming more and more ingrained in the community over
time, finding more ways to get involved and giving back to the community that supported us
getting where we are today.

Although many components of the business have naturally evolved, the one thing that will
always remain is how we value and treat our customers.

Our Unique Approach to Business & Customer Service

Our customer service truly sets us apart.

We make it a point to remember our customer’s needs, the details of their business, and we
make each interaction/experience personal. Not only do we offer superior customer service, butK&S Sportswear storefront
we also ensure that all of our work is of the highest quality and exceeds our customer’s

Being able to assist our customers with their creative vision is truly a passion of
ours. All of our requests are different, which makes each job custom, and that is what makes
our day to day work so enjoyable.

Our high standards for customer service have been a very large part of our success, and we
couldn’t be happier with how our business has grown. Our customers love us for our reliability,
quality, and always-on-time deliveries.

K&S Sportswear: Cheers to the Next 25 Years

Now that I have grown from the Manager of K&S Sportswear to the proud second-generation owner, the next 25 years will continue to shine brighter than ever for us. We go into each new year with the hopes & drive to continue the growth of our business and be a lasting part of this community. Thanks to my parents who dreamt big 25 years ago, we had no idea we would be where we are now.

As a company, as a team, and as a family, we continue to be thankful for the growth and opportunities we’ve been able to experience through our hard word and love for the community. Our success only drives us more each day and truly excites us for the future of K&S Sportswear.