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Screen printing is an effective and versatile technique for creating bold custom products or clothing. K&S Sportswear can screen print your business logo or slogan onto fun and valuable promotional giveaways, so your company’s information stays in the eyes of your target audience.

We are a leading supplier of marketing merchandise and highly experienced at silk screen printing. You can trust us to help you build brand awareness by bringing your design or message to life on items people will love.

Why Make Marketing Giveaways?

People need to know about your business. A marketing giveaway is an advertisement, but it is also a gift or a prize, so people associate it with something pleasant. It is an inexpensive way to inform people about your company or keep your brand on their minds.

To be most effective, you need to pick products that suit your target audience or that the general population will find helpful and want to keep handy.

Memorable and Useful Items

With so many products to choose from, how do you pick? To simplify the task, here some suggested items that work for any industry.

Eco-Friendly Items

Climate change is real, so eco-friendly products are trendy. Anything reusable, made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials and items supporting a sustainable lifestyle are wins.

For example, our industry partner Leeds has reusable stainless-steel straws with a cleaning brush in a pouch you can brand. They also have reusable drinking bottles, pens, tote bags and so much more.

Pens are very effective because they’re the business card that will not get thrown away. Everyone needs something to write with some time. And tote bags are essential for grocery shopping, especially now that many places are banning or charging for plastic bags. Plus, a tote provides ample space to print your logo or slogan.

You can boost the visibility of eco-friendly promotional items by giving them away on days like “Earth Day” or “World Ocean Day” when more people are paying attention.

Safety Items

Umbrellas and flashlights are ideal picks if you want something that people will hold onto for a long time. Both items associate your brand with a solution and safety.

The umbrella has the bonus that onlookers see it too, not just the recipient. Our partner Stromberg Brand has a fantastic selection of umbrellas for you to choose from. And Koozie Group has flashlights – handheld and keychain versions!

Tech Merchandise

We live in the age of technology. Everyone uses a computer, smartphone or mp3 player to listen to music. However, all those devices rely on battery power and memory to store files. Therefore, tech-supporting products like USBs, power banks, headphones and speakers are highly desirable.

Health and Beauty Products

Sunscreen and hand sanitizer are essential everyday products because of global warming and the coronavirus pandemic. You could hand out sunscreen if you are hosting an outdoor event or hand sanitizer at a conference where people shake many hands.

Fitness Products

Everyone needs to stay physically healthy, so help them out! Our partner Koozie Group has brandable yoga mats, sports towels, shoe wallets, running phone armbands, jump ropes and safety shoe lights that you can clip to the back of your sneakers if you go for a jog while the sun is not out.

For the outdoors lovers, VP Brand has all kinds of coolers to keep your food and drink chilled when you go hiking, camping, to the beach or the park. Seville Gear has very nice smaller coolers, ideal for keeping a homemade meal fresh when on the go.

Ordering Your Memorable Giveaways

We welcome you to speak with our expert team at K&S Sportswear if you are still unsure what to do. We can help you pick out products and guide you through the entire process. We proudly offer top-quality merchandise at shockingly affordable rates, making your promotion dreams at an upcoming event a reality.

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