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Trade shows offer opportunities for organizations and professionals to showcase their products and services, generate leads, and establish connections. Organizing a trade show is no small task as it involves lots of planning and scheduling, sales and team preparation, and social media activity, among other things.

However, a key aspect of trade shows that significantly determines the response of attendees and the level of success of the event is the trade show giveaways or promotional items. People tend to remember companies and their messages long after the trade show has ended through the giveaway items they got during the event.

As a result, businesses now place a huge emphasis on promotional items during trade shows. After all, they want the knowledge of what their business is and what they offer to stay in the memory of their audience for as long as possible. The enormous impact of the giveaway items on the success of trade shows often poses the question of what items are best suited to the event and the audience. The best items are those that the attendees will either use immediately or use frequently after they leave the show.

Here are the top seven giveaways items that will make a trade show successful;

What makes each of these promotional items special? Read on to find out;

    1. Wireless charging pads

Many smartphones, tablets, and similar devices these days are manufactured with the ability to be charged without needing to be plugged in.  You can capitalize on this new technology by offering a branded wireless charging pad.  Forget the outdated USB-to-outlet plugs; giving away wireless chargers shows that you’re staying on top of the latest innovations.

The wireless charging pads also benefit the exhibitor through brand marketing. The branded wireless charging pad carries the logo (or some other feature of choice) of the company/exhibitor, which then serves as an effective marketing tool after the event.

    1. Popsockets

PopSockets are mobile accessories that are increasingly popular among smartphone users due to their versatility. Attached to the back of the smartphones, these accessories can serve as a phone stand, suitable for video chatting or texting. PopSockets also provide a collapsible grip for the smartphone, guarding against unexpected falls and expensive repairs. These features make PopSockets a fitting trade show giveaway.

Exhibitors and companies brand PopSockets and make full-color imprints on the product to make the item memorable for the trade show attendees and to promote the company’s brand.

    1. Tote bags

Tote bags are the perfect carriers of the freebies, literature, and other items that attendees obtain at the different trade show events. The attendees can stow their personal possessions, brochures, and product samples in the tote bags at the event. They may also use the promotional item for post-event purposes such as carrying groceries or clothes. It is now common for businesses and organizations to use tote bags as a marketing tool by stamping their logos in a clearly visible manner.

    1. Lanyards

Few large-scale events take place without the use of lanyards to display ID cards, badges, and tickets, all of which are mandatory requirements for each participant in the event. Trade shows are no different. Because all the attendees and exhibitors must wear identification tags or cards, lanyards then become the perfect giveaway items for businesses and organizations to present a short graphical pitch of their brand. What’s more, the trade show attendees will necessarily wear the lanyards on a readily visible part of their body. The lanyards can be used to hold small electronic devices such as cameras and USB flash drives to prevent loss or dropping.

    1. Smartphone wallets

An estimated 2.53 billion people in the world use smartphones, so presenting smartphone wallets as a promotional item is a no-brainer. What better way to promote the company’s identity and brand by featuring her colors and logo on the smartphone wallet? The smartphone wallet can hold driver’s licenses, business cards, credit cards, and even cash. An added benefit is the protection from damage that these accessories provide for chipped cards. Smartphone wallets are giveaway items that trade show attendees start using right away and are likely to carry with them wherever they take their phones.

    1. Mints

Trade shows are known for a particular activity: lots of talking. Attendees meet new people, listen to countless introductions, share ideas, and engage in endless discussions. Therefore, mints are the perfect snack for the attendees to refresh their breath. Their small size makes them easily shareable. Branded containers of mints ensure that the brand is promoted to every attendee that comes in contact with them, making them potential customers.

    1. Reusable water bottles

The high level of activity that is common to trade shows leads to quicker dehydration and a need for easy access to water. Having reusable water bottles as giveaway items at trade shows attracts attendees because they can have portable water handy to tackle thirst. Reusable water bottles also demonstrate the eco-friendly nature of the business. Besides being an immediate-use item, the attendees keep using these water bottles long after the trade show.


Choosing the right giveaway items for trade shows may be overwhelming and challenging in the face of so many options. However, when you consider these top seven promotional giveaways, the choice becomes easier. With these items, your in-booth traffic will be significantly higher. Also, there will be more engagement from the trade show attendees. This is not to mention the unlimited marketing possibilities that the giveaway items will present as well as the potential customers that your business will stand to gain.

Conclusively, one important factor to consider is that all of the highlighted promotional items are rather inexpensive and thus budget-friendly. Therefore, in light of the high return-to-cost ratio, you can make a big splash at your next trade show with the hottest giveaway items and experience exponential growth in your business.