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Recently K&S Sportswear was featured in the Community Impact Newspaper. The article highlights our rich history as a business in the Humble community. For many, 2020 was to be a year of clearer vision and focus. For us, it was to be a time to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of K&S Sportswear. For two and a half decades, we have provided screen printing and embroidery services for local businesses and organizations.

Challenges, Changes and Opportunities

Twenty-five years ago, Katy and Steve Weirich worked from home as they opened K&S Sportswear. For 20 years, the business grew and thrived as a home-based enterprise until a change took place in 2015. Moving to a storefront, the business continued to thrive, and change came again two years later when Katy and Steve retired. Daughter Brittney Mittag assumed the lead in the family business.

Under their leadership, the new owners have continued to serve the area and solidify K&S Sportswear as an important thread in the fabric of the community. Even with the challenges presented by the pandemic, the business continues to adapt and produce products area businesses and organizations can use to maintain their presence and expand their reach. Helping the community thrive is one of the strengths of K&S Sportswear.
As the pandemic rages on, the opportunity to participate in healthy practices that keep people safe has become a part of the K&S business strategy. Producing branded face masks and hand sanitizers is not only good for business, but also for the businesses and organizations served.

Paying It Forward

Initiatives like the Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser, a pet project for Brittney, underscore K&S Sportwear’s commitment to the community and the desire to do their part to improve and touch the lives of those they can. There will still be many challenges and changes to come, along with new opportunities. One thing is certain – the ideals of helping others, providing excellent customer service and dedication to the community will ensure that K&S Sportswear will be around to celebrate a golden anniversary with you.