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The summer season is one of the best times to use promotional items to market your brand.

Check out the hottest giveaways and custom promotional items that are sure to increase brand awareness.

Add your team/company name or logo with a fun design to your promotional accessories this summer. This will ensure that your brand will stand out all summer long.

Are you ready to customize, accessorize, and advertise with this season’s hottest promotional items? Check out this year’s top 10 list to find the right promo item for your company.

This Summer’s top 10!    The summer time is the best time of year to market your brand with promotional items.

1. Custom water bottles

Water bottles are a must in the summertime heat. Keep your customers hydrated and your brand at the forefront of their minds by adding a custom label to your promotional water bottles. Reusable water bottles can be great for team gear as well because they allow for personalization.

2. Caps
Caps are a great promotional item because they are evergreen. They have longevity and keep promoting your brand all summer long. They also look sharp with custom embroidery or 3D printing featuring your logo. This type of custom apparel is one of the most cost-effective choices when it comes to brand awareness.

3. Sunglassessunglasses make great promotional gifts for advertising.

Sunglasses are one of the best promotional items in the summertime because they are a summer wear staple for most people. They will be worn frequently and get lots of public exposure.

Secondly, sunglasses are a great item to customize because you can print a cool design on the sides or even add an adjustable eye-wear-holder/strap with your company name on it so that you can comfortably hang them around your neck. This will not only look great but will also help show off your business in a casual and practical way.

4.Tank tops

T-shirts are probably the most frequently used promotional item, but in the summertime, it’s all about the tanks. Tank tops are some of the most popular summer items to screen print and customize! We’ve got SPIRIT, yes we do, we have SPIRIT, how about you? We specialize in screen printing tanks and t-shirts for many local schools in our area. We’ve also been known to embroider for them too. We take all of our customized merchandise seriously and want you to be proud while handing it out!

With screen printing, you can easily bring to life any eye-catching design/logo or company name. Make it pop even more with a bright color tank.

5. Koozies

Koozies are a great giveaway option at events like trade shows, as well as networking events because they are compact and lightweight. They have great space to utilize for not only logo placement, but also a promotional message. People will never turn down a koozie and will use it for years to come, giving your audience lots of future brand impressions. We say YAY to this promotional item as it is a gift that keeps on giving.

6. Beach towelspersonalized beach towels make great business gifts for summer.

If you are looking for a richer feeling promotional item, beach towels are a great option.

Use them as creative gifts to potential clients in an effort to build a relationship and earn their business or as raffle prizes at an event. Go one step further and add your awesome embroidered company logo so it stands out for all to see. After all, brand awareness is key here, right?!!

7. Tote bags

Tote bags with screen printing are popular all year long, but especially during the summer. No one wants to hike to the beach or around the campground with their hands full of random stuff with (now sweaty) towels draped over your shoulder.

Tote bags, like koozies, also make great gifts to pass out, you can rest assured they will absolutely get used as they are the perfect promotional product. Take advantage of another option which is embroidering your company name or logo into the side. You can even fill them with additional branded items or marketing materials so you can ensure you deliver your message to your target audience.

8. Handheld mini fans

If you’re a business owner, consider these handheld mini fans as a promotional item to give away at trade shows or to potential clients. These work especially well at outdoor events during the summer because people can use them right away. They can be customized with your colors and logo to really make an impact. This type of promotional gift definitely stands out as it is not your typical marketing giveaway.

9. Camping chairsCustomized camping chairs are a great way to promote your business in the summer.

Having some camping chairs on hand with your company logo is a great closing gift when your client signs on the dotted line. It’s a way for them to remember your company long after the completion of the sale.

Camping chairs can be embroidered for a really nice professional look to support your brand image. Ordering customized merchandise such as camping chairs makes for some really fun marketing giveaways, just think about the conversations that will take place in them.

10. Picnic blankets

Embroidered picnic blankets also make great gifts for your employees at a company event or for a new customer you want to make feel valued. This is one of the more unique promotional gifts, which means it will really stand out from the competition. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression for your brands awareness!

Time to get it Together, Summer is here!Sunshine in the summer time is always the best.

Now that you’ve got it all figured out, pick out your favorites from our top 10 list and let K&S Sportswear get you on the right track this summer with Houston’s best embroidery and screen printing.